Chad Nakagawa, PT, DPT, MS, CAFS

Assistant Clinic Director/Doctor Of Physical Therapy


I believe that everyone should have the ability to maximize their mobility and function to do the things they love to do! Getting my Master of Science degree in molecular microbiology and immunology at the University of Southern California, followed by my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Columbia University has afforded me the ability to see the spectrum of treatment from research to application. Playing baseball, soccer, and golf in the past, and more recently powerlifting and handstand training has given me a better appreciation for all the variable movement patterns required. I love to incorporate dynamic, sport-specific movements for both those looking to return to their sport and those looking to alleviate their pain. I believe that by working together with the patient and listening to their needs, we can tailor treatment to best achieve their goals.

Outside the clinic you’ll find me powerlifting, working on one-arm handstands, wakeboarding, water skiing, or tending to the garden with my wife.

Longevity Staff

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