Applied Functional Science – What is it?

According to the Gray Institute, Applied Functional Science focuses on how the body actually moves, rather than how professionals think the body should move in…


Posture Perfected: Your Guide to Thriving at Your Desk!

If you work at a desk all day, it’s time to learn how to address your posture so that you can thrive at your desk. …


Longevity Physical Therapy Golf Webinar

Do you want to improve your golf game? Watch this FREE webinar with our speaker Tanner Crass, PT, DPT, FAFS, CSCS, to discuss the following topics:…


Golf: Two Important Body Parts That Can Affect Your Game and Body

We asked our Bressi Ranch PT, Kevin Greer, to share his knowledge on the importance of mobility for golfers and which areas to focus on….


Suffering from Chronic Headaches? Physical Therapy Can Help

Headaches can have many causes directly tied to other physical ailments which are often ignored and can bring relief when treated. According to Brett Bloom, Owner at…


Holiday Season an Ideal Time for a Refresher on Proper Lifting

From digging out boxes of holiday decor and hauling packages to and from the home, to hiding gifts away on higher shelves at the back…


5 Ways to Feel Gratitude in the Face of Challenges

November is a month when gratitude takes its place in the spotlight of American culture. Yet, with the challenges our country has faced this year,…


See Your PT Annually for Injury Prevention and Early Intervention

We all know that visiting your physician for an annual physical is important for maintaining long-term health. Similarly, dental exams twice each year help ensure…


Debunking Common Fall Prevention Myths

Every September during National Falls Prevention Week (Sept. 21-25, 2020), physical therapists join other medical professions across the country in reminding Americans that falls are…


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