Jump into March Madness Mindful of Jumper’s Knee, says San Diego PT

As a large portion of the nation’s attention turns to the “March Madness” NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in the coming days, San Diego-Carlsbad physical therapist…


5 Exercise Myths for People 55 and Older, according to San Diego-Carlsbad PT

While it’s expected that most older people tend to slow down with age, the notion that seniors and soon-to-be seniors should trade in exercise and…


Five Fitness Tips to Keep Introverts Moving

Finding a workout routine that fits your personality is one of the key ways to achieve optimal results, says San Diego-Carlsbad physical therapist Brett Bloom. And, that holds particularly…


Rest is Key to Health and Performance

Rest is Key to Health and Performance If you vow to never rest until you reach your personal health or athletic performance goal, you are…


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