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Our state-of-the-art Bressi Ranch clinic is conveniently located off Palomar Airport Road. At Longevity Bressi Ranch, we practice Applied Functional Science. We use our training in functional biomechanics to assess and treat what is the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. We strive to enhance function and restore mobility. We work to build a personalized plan of care with each patient unique to their activities and goals.


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One of the unique features of Longevity Bressi Ranch is our understanding of sports performance.

We have extensive experience working with high school, college and professional level athletes in helping them achieve their athletic goals; including athletes from the NFL, major league baseball and the NBA.

Bressi Ranch Staff

Brett Bloom, DPT, CSCS, FAFS

Owner/ Clinic Director/ Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Kristen Lopez, PT, DPT, CAFS, CSCS

Owner/Regional Clinic Director/Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Chad Nakagawa, PT, DPT, MS, CAFS

Assistant Clinic Director/Doctor Of Physical Therapy

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Jacob Cuccia

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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Jolene Rice

Jolene Rice PT, DPT, CAFS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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JP Murcia, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Tori Wood, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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We have considerable experience working with athletes of all abilities and ages who want to regain or improve power and speed, or simply reduce their risk of injury.

We believe that everyone is an athlete. Once patients have completed their therapy, our in-house personal trainer is available for continued guidance as patients maintain the progress they have accomplished throughout treatment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment such as the Alter G Treadmill and True Stretch in order to help you meet your therapy or performance goals.

Our Equipment

IMG_6362 (4)

AlterG Treadmill

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills enable faster rehabilitation, safer conditioning for the geriatric population, and weight loss, which can help remove major obstacles associated with these activities.

Impact on the body and the pain of recovery are reduced, which helps people achieve better results. Patients at Longevity Physical Therapy can now rehab better, train smarter and exercise safer with the AlterG.

IMG_6786 (2)

True Stretch

The True Stretch is the easiest and most effective tool to stretch and mobilize the body in all three planes of motion. It is ideal for restoring and maintaining the 3-D muscle and joint mobility and stability that is essential for all upright function. The True Stretch provides a dedicated, self-contained stretching area that allows users of all ages and body types a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. The True Stretch eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment.


Normatec Compression Therapy

Offered at all of our locations, Normatec Compression Therapy is a high tech air compression system to help with blood circulation and recovery of tissues in the limbs. Many patients benefit from this after their physical therapy sessions.


Game Ready

An innovative cold compression recovery system that helps people after injury or surgery.

What our patients have to say

Diane AllisonDiane Allison ★★★★★ Longevity is the best PT I have ever been to. Great physical therapist very knowledgeable. Caring staff. Highly recommended.Alli ZielinskiAlli Zielinski ★★★★★ Longevity is amazing! Tori got my broken wrist and elbow working perfectly. I’m back to doing cartwheels and teaching dance. Would recommend this place to everyone!E WE W ★☆☆☆☆ Called 15 minutes before closing time and they won't answer their phone. Tried a few times. Going to pass on a place that is incapable of taking phone calls during their stated business hours. Not sure they'd be in once I made an appointment.S HS H ★★★★★ I have gotten treatment at Longevity Bressi Ranch for various issues and would not go anywhere else.The facility is large and very well equipped. From the front desk to the PTs the staff are warm and customer oriented.At different times my primary PTs were Jolene, Kristen, and Rachel and all were excellent.Lepa GostovicLepa Gostovic ★★★★★ I would give Longevity Physical Therapy 10 stars. I had Achilles tendon repair and have been receiving PT twice a week for the past 8 months. I have worked with all the therapist at Longevity and can’t thank them enough for getting me through a very difficult time.JP and Brendon your encouragement and coaching is awesome. All the therapist are knowledgeable, professional, caring, and truly have been amazing in helping me reach my goals. I’m a nurse and would highly recommend Longevity to my patients.Lindsey GrossLindsey Gross ★★★★★ I’m so happy my doctor recommended Longevity! I came to treat some tension headaches/TMJ issues that I’ve been dealing with for years and ever since coming my headaches are basically gone. The entire staff is so helpful and really took the time to listen to my concerns. Tori, Chad & Brandon are all wonderful and would absolutely recommend Longevity to anyone looking for a physical therapist!Happy PhamHappy Pham ★★★★★ Brandon is the best! I had a volleyball injury and he made sure I was ready to go back. We did strength training, volleyball drills, and agility training. I was worried I would be scared to get back on the court but with all the physical therapy I did with Brandon, I was ready. I highly recommend Brandon if you want to get back to your sport after an injury.Jack JaksikJack Jaksik ★★★★★ Paul RosenthalPaul Rosenthal ★★★★★ Dave ZigrangDave Zigrang ★★★★★ Stephen LewkowitzStephen Lewkowitz ★★★★★ Brandon TRAN is a PT specialist. He is very accomplished and excellent in getting you back up and running.Jack Evelyn EadsJack Evelyn Eads ★★★★★ Skill and professionalism.Leigh NeedhamLeigh Needham ★★★★★ I’ve been to several PT places in the area and this one is great! I recommend JP who is a talented practitioner and has a thoughtful and kind approach. He has helped me with a long list of issues. Yay aging! 😉Carol CastoraniCarol Castorani ★★★★★ I have been working with JP for several sessions and my improvement has been amazing. JP has helped me with my self confidence. He asks questions and really listens to what I have to say. He pushes me beyond what I would normally do and every time I leave Longevity, i’m so proud of myself. JP inspires me to keep going. Thank you JPAnthony CarlosAnthony Carlos ★★★★★ Great environment to improve your health. JP listens to everything, asks the right questions, and tailors a plan for your physical needs.Great job!Emily SchroderEmily Schroder ★★★★★ I found Brandon to be very good at his job. Struggling with sciatica, he has provided me with exercises that have greatly reduced the daily discomfort. He is knowledgeable, kind & respectful.Mariam FremMariam Frem ★★★★★ I came here due to refers from my doctor after been diagnosed with patellar femoral pain syndrome.When i went in, i was first impressed with the building and installations. Its big enough that when other appointments are going on around you; you are not on anyones space or hearing someone else’s conversation.And then got to meet Kristen she took me to recovery; showed me how to strengthen my muscles but also stretched them.I have proudly say today was my “graduation” and I’m going back to doing exercises without pain after!Kewana ColemanKewana Coleman ★★★★★ I’ve come here before for my knee replacement rehab. I trusted them so much with my care that I came back but this time for my ankle. I have been placed with Brandon. Brandon is very professional, knowledgeable and funny. He isn’t afraid to get in there and manipulate the ankle and hip to make everything come together and work for me. Brandon listens and pays attention. As I get better Brandon isn’t afraid to challenge me. I’m always surprised as I can actually do it. He believes in me. I can feel and see myself improving especially when I listen to him. I can also see others (we are schedule right after each other on the same days) also improve. I’ve seen Brandon at two locations (here in Carlsbad and in La Costa). Both locations are nice and have the equipment you need to get better. I also love that Longevity offers night appointments, this way when I’m off after 5pm I can still make it to therapy. It’s a win-win. Corey up front is also very helpful and so is the aid Jordan. Thanks again for taking care of me Team Longevity Carlsbad. Happy New Year!!!10 months ago:Rachel Oakley is amazing! The staff here is very friendly, personable and helpful. Every time I leave after therapy I feel better. My knee flexion is getting better and at each visit we add new exercises and stretches. This knee replacement will get better and Longevity is going to help me get there. Thank you Team Bressi Ranch/Loker Avenue in Carlsbad ☺️Makenna HayesMakenna Hayes ★★★★★ I came in here after a hip replacement and I have had such a great experience and made so much progress. My physical therapist JP addressed all my issues and is working on making my hip perfect!! Can’t recommend this place enough!!!Carol RCarol R ★★★★★ Currently receiving physical therapy for a left total knee replacement and have the amazing JP Murcia as my therapist. He listens to my concerns and complaints; if I'm having trouble with an exercise he modifies it or gives me a different one that performs the same function. I had my right knee replaced 8 years ago but did not receive the thorough therapy for it as I am now so JP is incorporating exercises that help strengthen both knees. I was able to kneel for the first time in over 8 years! I've had a lot of therapy over time and the therapists have been adequate, however JP obviously enjoys his job and takes the therapy to a higher level, making it almost fun!Jenn FrostJenn Frost ★★★★★ After a freak accident, I lost all function of my toe. Post surgery to fix it, I had to completely re-learn how to walk and use my foot. I was lucky enough to get Tori as my trainer and after a few months of her hard work and patience, I am walking and running again! I can’t express how grateful I am for the time she put in and the reassurance she gave me all along the way. Her knowledge and creativity in coming up with exercises and warmups specific to my needs helped me progress so quickly, I can’t imagine where I’d be now without her.I 100% recommend Longevity. The ladies up front were always kind and welcoming when I’d come in for an appointment and the other assistants and trainers/therapists I interacted with were always nice. And I 250% recommend Tori! Her knowledge, kindness, creativity and positivity got me through 2023 and I am forever grateful for her! Thank you so much!Kevin FergusonKevin Ferguson ★★★★★ Tori did a great job getting me back on the mend from an ankle injury.She took a good gradual approach to having me build enough strength while the tendons gradually healed.She also discovered that I could really benefit from working on better balance through additional strength exercises.Valinda NeuValinda Neu ★★★★★ I selected Longevity Physical Therapy based upon the recommendation of my chiropractor who was treating me for sciatica. I went to the well maintained, spacious Bressi Ranch location. The office staff there is efficient, friendly and like Cheers they always know my name.I was assigned to Victoria Wood, PT, DPT. Tori is a terrific therapist. She keeps copious notes and is very concerned about her patients’ progress. I’m happy to say I’m ready to leave physical therapy. I highly recommend Longevity so much that my husband is going to be treated for his tennis elbow there.Oh yeah, a shout out to all the great aides too.Annie LuckettAnnie Luckett ★★★★★ Love Longevity! Pleasant staff and great therapists! JP is the best if you’re looking for an awesome PT!David MurphyDavid Murphy ★★★★★ Always making forward progress with the great variety of stretches and exercises.Lynne JosephLynne Joseph ★★★★★ Everyone is friendly and quite knowledgeable. Great therapists!Susan TheodoreSusan Theodore ★★★★★ I saw three different physical therapists and received excellent care while at Longevity Physical Therapy. Because the physical therapy team works collaboratively, sharing each sessions notes, you are assured to have continuity of care. Each therapist was friendly and professional and I immediately felt at home at the Bressi Ranch location. I have had a huge improvement in my shoulder mobility after only two weeks and am very happy that my PCP referred me to Longevity Physical Therapy.Jane GearhartJane Gearhart ★★★★★ Was welcomed back to Longevity with usual friendliness and encouragement. Brandon was concerned and supportive taking me on as a new patient. I feel at home!Donny CisloDonny Cislo ★★★★★ I have been going to Longevity physical therapy for various rehabilitation sport injury needs over the years. The staff’s expertise and personalized approach have been very good. I have had the pleasure to work with Brandon who has taken a hands on approach to my personal recovery. He has a keen understanding of the body’s anatomy and techniques for strengthening. His knowledge has allowed for him to not only treat the area of injury but understands how to improve other areas of the body that indirectly provides benefits to the injury at hand. I highly recommend Longevity’s staff of physical therapist and especially Brandon.Michelle KMichelle K ★★★★★ Very clean and friendly staff. Knowledgeable and helpful. Dealing with an injury is no fun, but with Longetivity I’ve been healing and the progress has been good. All PTs are great!CrletitiaCrletitia ★★★★★ JP is a wonderful PT, the facility is a great space with open air and lots of equipment. The supporting staff were friendly and helpful. Highly recommend Longevity at Bressi!Cindy WilliamsCindy Williams ★★★★★ My husband has balance and dizziness issues! Longevity was recommended by his neurologist. The Physical Therapist , JP who is assigned to him has been very professional, encouraging and patient as he introduces the needed vestibular and balance exercises needed to help him gain the mobility and strength he needs.CindyDawn MillerDawn Miller ★★★★★ Tori was a great physical therapist to work with. She is knowledgeable and professional. Tori is a good listener and creative when coming up with specific exercises. She was very nice and I would request her if I need future services.Debi AhleDebi Ahle ★★★★★ I began to work with Chad shortly after my Total Knee Replacement surgery. I have worked with several physical therapists over the years for various injuries, but never one as thorough as Chad. From the beginning, he has guided me to setting goals for my recovery, strength and mobility and reevaluated with me at each visit. He explains things thoroughly and helps me to see the big picture. Chad is very encouraging and also helps me to see the small goals met along the way to full recovery. One of the greatest strengths of Longevity is that the entire visit is spent directly with the PT. Also, their facility is very open-air. I highly recommend Chad and Longevity!marge Deemarge Dee ★★★★★ Physical Therapists—JP & Brandon have been the most helpful, kind, professional and caring team in dealing with my back problems that you would want to have! They even are so supportive in making visual reminder sheets to take home & utilize so you can continue these exercises! So handy & useful! Can’t thank you both enough! They also have great admin helpers (Corrie and Christine) to setup your appointments & assist with insurance & payments!! Longevity’s the BEST!!! Thank you all for your help!! 😊AJ VeitchAJ Veitch ★★★★★ After having a total hip replacement, I have spent a month and a half in PT with Brandon at Longevity. Last week I played golf and one of my partners that I have played with for many years said "Your swing today is the best it has been for years." I credit that to Brandon for helping with my mobility and flexibility. I highly recommend Longevity and Brandon if you need help regaining your active life.. AJ VeitchAnne-MarieAnne-Marie ★★★★★ The therapists at this facility are very friendly and helpful. My neck problems were solved in just a few sessions and I am very happy with my experience at Longevity.iris chaniris chan ★★★★★ PT Chad hands down is one of the best in Carlsbad. I would recommend PT at this location.Andrew DarrAndrew Darr ★★★★★ Great experience! Great people!Maria Willcox MoralesMaria Willcox Morales ★★★★★ Me gustaría compartir este feedback o retroalimentación en Español, para decir que llegue a este lugar por que me quedaba muy cerca de casa. No tuve nadie que me lo recomendara y valla sorpresa. 1ero. El lugar cuenta con una instalación grande, bien ambientada con muchos aparatos y ventilada. 2o. Tuve y tego aún la fortuna de haber encontrado un Fisioterapeuta espectacular, Tifis en general son profesionales de sobra y con un sentido común al entender el dolor de nosotros los pacientes:su nombre es JP Juan Pablo. Además que el habla español y pudo comprender mis complicaciones Perfecto. Hoy llevo casi 12 secciones en aprox 1y medio meses y estoy mucho mejor. Al llegar yo era candidata a cirujia de plantar Fasitis y ahorita estoy sin dolor y caminando ya cadi sin la bota ortopédica mejor. Porfavor no dudes en buscar este sitio te lo recomendó mucho. MarycarmenJill EastonJill Easton ★★★★★ I was doing physical therapy through a different company and told my physician that I wanted to switch to Longevity Bressi Ranch. I had such a wonderful experience with Longevity in their previous Carlsbad location several years ago, I knew that Longevity offered the level of supervision, scientific thinking and willingness to keep tailoring my plan which I needed. I switched to Longevity Bressi Ranch, have been teamed up with JP Murcia as my physical therapist, and it was the absolutely right decision. Even my physician agrees.Unlike some PT experiences I've had with other providers, JP and Longevity allow me to work with the same senior physical therapist without being handed off to assistants for assessment or supervision. I'm fine with a PT aide monitoring me as I'm doing a particular exercise, but I like the more seasoned physical therapist to decide the big picture of my treatment and really get to know me. JP always takes time for me to give feedback on how I did between visits, what issues/areas of the body I feel still need work, and then tailors and tweaks the regimen to keep me progressing while feeling more comfortable. He does thorough reassessments periodically so that he, I and insurance know quantitatively how much I've improved.The Longevity front desk staff is so professional, friendly and helpful. I appreciate the email appointment reminders, print-outs of upcoming appointments if desired, and discussions of the status of my insurance approval. You'd think this would be standard practice for all physical therapy facilities, but it often is not. The Bressi Ranch facility is well-organized, cheerful, contemporary and provides a very pleasant environment.Joe KirbyJoe Kirby ★★★★★ In the 10 years following an auto vs truck collision, I have seen several different physical therapists at recuperation centers and local offices. Longevity is my choice for the best in the area. The front office is cheerful, the workout space is clean with modern equipment, and the Therapists work full time with the clients. They do not hand you off to a junior assistant. In my experience, Chad has provided leg strength and balance improvements that allow me to almost double my workout duration.James TraynorJames Traynor ★★★★★ JP is awesome! Got me back on track.Liong Lie PenfieldLiong Lie Penfield ★★★★★ I have been working with Brandon for several weeks now and he has been nothing but amazing!From the very first visit, Brandon has been a great listener and exudes confidence in being able to help me and spot the issues, and what needs to be done. He not only has a wonderful personality but is also very good at providing compliments and encouragement and challenges me to appropriately push myself to my limits so that I can and do progress.Brandon is a fantastic physical therapist in all aspects, and I look forward and enjoy my sessions with him!K CookK Cook ★★★★★ I recently received physical therapy for about 2 months for knee replacement at Longevity - Bressi Ranch. I highly recommend Longevity and in particular JP Murcia who took me from barely walking to normal movement. He is knowledgeable, professional, encouraging, kind, and I thank him for all he did to get me back to an active life.NirmalaNirmala ★★★★★ I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Longevity Physical Therapy, particularly with Physical Therapist JP. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was met with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. JP's professionalism, knowledge, and genuine dedication to his patients' well-being are unparalleled.JP's expertise and personalized approach to my daughter's therapy were instrumental in her recovery journey. He took the time to assess her condition thoroughly, attentively listened to my concerns, and crafted a tailored treatment plan that suited her needs perfectly.Bruce LangdonBruce Langdon ★★★★★ Chad has been terrific. He has been able to help me make progress each week with the stretches and exercises. He explained the MRI terminology results in a way i can understand and how the PT treatment plan would address the diagnosis. This gave me the confidence i needed to keep working on the recovery. While not a quick fix, i now believe that i will return to full use of my shoulder. yJeff JunioJeff Junio ★★★★★ JP at Longevity is the man! He’s been soo instrumental in getting me to work through my knee and foot issues. He’s very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my feedback and put in effective exercises and action plans. Longevity itself is a top notch facility. Clean and filled with all the equipment you need, and a friendly staff. I can’t recommend them enough, and if you are looking for a physical therapist, JP is the best so get him if you can! Thank you JP and Longevity!Ann GnbAnn Gnb ★★★★★ I came to Longevity Physical Therapy for help with a knee injury. The scheduling process has been easy, the facilities are nice and welcoming and the PTs are fantastic! I worked with Chad and JP, they were both great at listening and diagnosing the issues I had and provided custom workout plans. They have both been very attentive and supportive and I have full confidence that I am getting all the right help I need for a speedy recovery.SJSJ ★★★★★ I have been a patient at Longevity PT in Bressi Ranch for the past few months while I recover from a pelvic fracture. The facility is well managed, clean and modern, and I was immediately comfortable once I stepped foot inside. I have had the privilege of working with Tori during my recovery. She has been amazing! I can’t believe the progress I have made in such a short amount of time and I owe it all to her. Her expertise, personalized treatment plan, compassion, clear communication, and motivation is truly exceptional. She possesses extensive knowledge of my condition and has created a plan that considers my unique needs and goals. Some days I feel better than others, and she is able to tailor each session to fit my specific needs. Her support has made a huge impact on my recovery and I am immensely grateful for her. I highly recommend Tori to anyone seeking a skilled, kind and caring physical therapist.js_loader

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From 78 East or West

  • Take 78 to W San Marcos Blvd in San Marcos
  • Turn onto W San Marcos Blvd
  • Continue onto Palomar Airport Road (1.9 miles)
  • Turn right onto Loker Avenue West (0.1 miles)
  • The parking lot will be on your right

From El Camino Real North or South

  • Go to Palomar Airport Road
  • Drive East on Palomar Airport Road (0.5 miles)
  • Turn left onto Loker Avenue West (0.1 miles)
  • The parking lot will be on your right

Parking is available in spots reserved for Longevity. If overflow parking is needed, please use spots with no signs in front of them.

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