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Our San Diego clinic is a 4000 square foot state-of-the-art functional physical therapy facility. At Longevity San Diego, we practice Applied Functional Science, wherein we use our training in functional biomechanics to assess and treat what is the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. We work to build a personalized plan of care with each patient unique to their activities and goals. We strive to play an active role in our San Diego community, meeting people where they’re at to provide the care they need.


Longevity Physical Therapy
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At Longevity San Diego some of our clientele includes post surgical patients, those with reduced function, and athletes of all types.

We incorporate sport-specific movements into our therapeutic exercises to best prepare the neuromuscular system for return to sport. We don’t practice cookie cutter PT; each patient receives an individualized plan of care based on their unique needs.

San Diego Staff

Brett Bloom, DPT, CSCS, FAFS

Owner/ Clinic Director/ Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Casey Waller, PT, DPT, OCS, CAFS

Clinic Director / Orthopedic Clinical Specialist / Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Alexa Hadinoto, PT, DPT, CAFS

Assistant Clinic Director / Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Nick Van Hoorn, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Alyssa McClintick, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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One of our specialties at our San Diego clinic lies in vestibular rehabilitation, balance training and fall prevention.

We work to retrain your body’s ability to communicate between the muscles and nervous system at a more optimal level, using personalized rehabilitation programs and advanced equipment such as the AlterG Treadmill and True Stretch.

Our Equipment


AlterG Treadmill

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills enable faster rehabilitation, safer conditioning for the geriatric population, and weight loss, which can help remove major obstacles associated with these activities.

Impact on the body and the pain of recovery are reduced, which helps people achieve better results. Patients at Longevity Physical Therapy can now rehab better, train smarter and exercise safer with the AlterG.


True Stretch

The True Stretch is the easiest and most effective tool to stretch and mobilize the body in all three planes of motion. It is ideal for restoring and maintaining the 3-D muscle and joint mobility and stability that is essential for all upright function. The True Stretch provides a dedicated, self-contained stretching area that allows users of all ages and body types a safe platform for comprehensive stretching to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. The True Stretch eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment.


Normatec Compression Therapy

Offered at all of our locations, Normatec Compression Therapy is a high tech air compression system to help with blood circulation and recovery of tissues in the limbs. Many patients benefit from this after their physical therapy sessions.


Game Ready

An innovative cold compression recovery system that helps people after injury or surgery.

Temporomandibular/TMJ Physical Therapy

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are disorders of the jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). . Any problem that prevents the complex system of muscles, bones and joints from working together in harmony may result in temporomandibular disorder.  Research strongly supports physical therapy in the treatment and management of TMD as a form of conservative treatment to decrease pain and improve the overall function of the jaw which can result in a reduction of headaches, enhanced sleep quality, and improve one's ability to open and close the jaw with less pain and/or clicking.

What our patients have to say

Kayleen HuangKayleen Huang ★★★★★ Great staff! Everyone is super friendly and supportive. Alexa helped me recover tremendously from a meniscus tear. She is very helpful and knowledgeable.Donna DeeseDonna Deese ★★★★★ Eli GriffithEli Griffith ★★★★★ Both Ally and Alexa were very important for my recovery. Every appointment I was pushed to the perfect amount, while still leading me towards a full recovery.Holly CartwrightHolly Cartwright ★★★★★ After a few failed attempts at Physical Therapy for my back pain at various locations in San Diego,I got a recommendation to give PT one more try. I was told to check out“Longevity Physical Therapy” at their Mission George San Diego location.It’s turned out to be best thing I’ve done for my back problems these last few years!The Longevity facility employes many talented people, from the Check-in staff to the therapists.They are also a teaching facility for students working on their Dr of Physical Therapy.My therapist, Ally was able to do what no other therapist had been able to do.She taught me new ways to do simple tasks that were causing me back pain!When she finishes her internship she’s going to be one of San Diego’s finest therapist.Good job Longevity and best of luck Ally!Oscar MOscar M ★★★★★ Nick is an awesome physical therapist. We began with a very thorough evaluation to diagnose the pain mechanism in my lower back. Every week since then, we've been progressing through various exercises, and Nick has been meticulously guiding me the whole way through. I can't recommend him enough!Jacob ByerlineJacob Byerline ★★★★★ I had a great experience with Longevity PT. The people are nice and consistent. They care about their patients and go the extra mile to make sure that they’re making a plan that suits your needs. Casey was very thorough and kind. I would definitely recommend this place!Jenny PerilloJenny Perillo ★★★★★ Jimmy at Longevity is an incredible PT and was able to help me find relief and healing so much more quickly than I could’ve dreamed of. Jimmy not only helped me find an answer to the specific issue I was dealing with but helped me learn lifestyle changes to implement for continued recovery. Jimmy is knowledgeable, effective, a great listener, and capable.Pamela SmithPamela Smith ★★★★★ This is a great place for physical therapy. My therapist, Alexa, is extremely knowledgeable regarding my condition. She explained it to me in terms I could understand and came up with a great plan to help me restore function and get back to the activities I love. I also appreciated how easy it was to schedule appointments that worked for my schedule. And the cost of each appointment was very clear right from the first appointment so there were no surprise costs/bills. I am very impressed with Longevity!Joe colmieJoe colmie ★★★★★ I was taken good care of by knowledgeable, friendly and very capable people. Very pleased with the treatments I received.Cheryl SprolesCheryl Sproles ★★★★★ My D.P.T. is Jimmy & he's "simply the best" . He has a positive attitude, lots of enthusiasm and patience which has helped me feel more at ease and confident.Kingsley FrankKingsley Frank ★★★★★ Jimmy did an amazing job with the physical therapy for my ankle and helped me answer all of my questions with practical ease. They know what they're talking about and are absolutely able to help with anything. Best PT experience I've had.Garnet TomichGarnet Tomich ★★★★★ I've had pain in my rotator cuff for the past 6 months. After 16 physical therapy visits, the pain is totally gone and my arm/neck/shoulder feel so much stronger. My therapist Jimmy Vu is awesome. He really knows his profession and has excellent interpersonal skills. I really enjoyed working with him. I would highly recommend him.Chris LundyChris Lundy ★★★★★ I have been attending sessions at the LPT facility on Mission Gorge. while I have had the most contact with Katie and Alyssa, everyone has been very kind, very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone.JoseJose ★★★★★ I have enjoyed going to Longevity PT at their mission valley location. The staff up front are always welcoming and helpful. I’ve been working with Jimmy, my PT, for a little over a month now do to some shoulder pain. I have appreciated the care he takes to understand my injury and help work through a program that would get me to reach my goals of getting back into the gym without further injury. Also helps that he makes the sessions fun and engaging! Definitely recommend!Cindy SnowCindy Snow ★★★★★ Highly skilled PT's, and you get their FULL attention during your session. I'm 70 yrs old, dealing with an arthritic shoulder, and I have been impressed (and grateful) at the pace of progress. Also, even though the Mission Valley Clinic is pretty busy, i never feel crowded - they manage the space well. Highly recommendedDonn LiperaDonn Lipera ★★★★★ Longevity is a well run cutting edge Physical Therapy practice employing the most advanced machines, such as the Anti-gravity treadmill. But by far the place where they really shine is their staff. The front desk people are friendly and helpful and have great patience. I am quite lucky to have been assigned to Alyssa McClintick, she is very professional, kind and I can tell she is very passionate about being a Dr. of Physical Therapy. Her understanding of PT is amazing and her ability to communicate the concepts of what the goals of my treatment plan are and how they will improve my vertigo is expertly explained to me! I know I’m in the right place and I feel safe under the guidance of Alyssa.Paul RadoiuPaul Radoiu ★★★★★ Incredible staff at Longevity. Jimmy has been amazing to work with on my knee recovery post surgery and I am seeing improvements weekly.Steve BlockSteve Block ★★★★★ So far so goodHolly CarrollHolly Carroll ★★★★★ I’m 67 years old coming back from a broken femur. I’ve been to a couple of other companies and was dissatisfied with both. At Longevity I get personal attention and everyone has been great. Nice and very knowledgeable people, I highly recommend Longevity.It’s been almost a year that I’ve been coming here for two days a week, can’t say enough good things about Casey. My strength has improved quite a bit. My stability has improved when I first came here. I had to use a stationary walker right now can use a cane And I can climb a flight of stairs. I love this place!Shawn CookShawn Cook ★★★★★ Jimmy, one of the PTs at Longevity, has helped me with a few issues and he’s amazing! I love Longevity and Jimmy! He has helped me through some tough injuries and got me going 100% I’m just a few weeks.Claudia CunninghamClaudia Cunningham ★★★★★ My PT Jimmy is the best! He's engaging and pushes me to generate the best results post surgery.Pablo O'BrienPablo O'Brien ★★★★★ I’ve been working with Jimmy to increase strength and balance. The results have been fantastic! My golf game is much better with his help!Susan McquillenSusan Mcquillen ★★★★★ I worked with Jimmy Vu. He had challenging task of treating me for a balance/walking issue while I had a concurrent foot wound and was prescribed no weight bearing - not the best scenario for a walking problem. Jimmy was very creative crafting my treatment regimen to accommodate both problems. Walking and balance have both improved, while allowing foot wound to heal. I feel very fortunate to have been assigned to a therapist who is so knowledgeable as well as creative.Taylor HenschelTaylor Henschel ★★★★★ I’ve found that finding a good physical therapist can be a lot like dating. You tend to go through a couple PTs before you find the one that not only understands your injury, but connects with you. 2.5 years after injuring my achilles, I finally met Alexa, who I’ve been seeing the better part of a year now at Longevity (I did also have a good experience working with Alyssa briefly).In the time I’ve been seeing Alexa, I’ve gone from running barely 3 painful miles, to hitting my goal of getting back to half marathon distance runs. It’s the most success I’ve ever experienced working with a PT and I attribute it to Alexa’s deep, science-based, understanding of the subject matter, her methodical approach, and importantly, her ability to get into the psychology of injury trauma and recovery. When we’ve had the inevitable setbacks, she’s talked me off the cliff and critically, helped me keep moving forward (which has been huge given how important running is to me).I really can’t recommend Alexa enough, especially for those dealing through similarly chronic, long-recovery-road-type, injuries 🙌Savannah NgSavannah Ng ★★★★★ I initially came in for knee pain that has been going on for over a year, and no success at a different PT office. However, when other issues came up, Jimmy was able to modify our sessions and helped my other injuries immensely. My knee pain has been completely resolved, and I've been able to go back to all the activities I enjoy!Barbara QuinteroOBrienBarbara QuinteroOBrien ★★★★★ Jimmy is the best!!!Not only is he professional, knowledgeable, and amazing at what he does but i feel his intuition is spot on.I was very apprehensive about physical therapy (I have not had great results in the past.) Jimmy has helped me regain trust in my body’s ability to get stronger and I feel we are making big improvements in my areas of concern (lumbar spine and hips.)He has a deliberate plan of action and when needed he is always able to come up with alternate ways to get to the desired goal.I am ever thankful that I found him.As far as Longevity PT goes, the staff is friendly, there is plenty of parking, the interior is clean and spacious and never feels too crowded.Best physical therapy experience!Sebastian CifuentesSebastian Cifuentes ★★★★★ Jimmy has been my physical therapist for the last two months, and my satisfaction with the care and expertise he provides is excellent. He holds me accountable while attentively listening to my feedback about my recovery process. His exceptional listening skills, non-judgmental attitude, and significant focus on the most minor details in our exercises and workouts are contributing immensely to my recovery.When I first met Jimmy, I had consistent pain in my surgically repaired knee. However, in the last two months under his care, the only pain I experienced upon leaving each physical therapy session was the manageable soreness from our straightforward yet effective workouts.Regarding my surgery, I suffer from what is medically termed the "unhappy triad," which makes my recovery journey a bit challenging. After an extensive conversation with my orthopedic surgeon, we agreed on a necessary change in my physical therapy dynamic, and she recommended Longevity as the group that would help me reach the next level in my recovery. Two months ago, the thought of playing basketball again would have been a definite no. With each passing week, my confidence grows under Jimmy’s guidance. I trust Jimmy's tailored workouts and hope to dust off my old sneakers soon.Half the battle with my injury is overcoming the mental obstacles, and Jimmy excels in providing the emotional support needed. His emotional intelligence and exceptional bedside manner are the qualities of an extraordinary physical therapist.I recommend Jimmy to anyone needing a dedicated and empathetic physical therapist.Linda SchickerLinda Schicker ★★★★★ Alyssa does a great job! She listens, understands, is very patient, and knowledgable.Ellen EhlersEllen Ehlers ★★★★★ I'm a 74 year old woman, very active (4+ mile daily beach walks, gym work (rowing machine + weights), Pilates, etc). Although I have severe osteoarthritis and scoliosis (multiple surgeries and joint replacements) my therapy goals are to maintain my exercise/fitness routines. Casey Waller has worked with me to develop a therapy routine for IT band syndrome that I can maintain at home, along with weekly clinic visits. What I've most appreciated about Casey is that as my therapy evolved he adjusted my PT to my specific issues. It's been a team effort which is so appreciated!Maria KeytonMaria Keyton ★★★★★ My therapist his name is Jimmy at Longevity has done wonders for my range of motion he listened to me put it together a plan and helped me improve better than any other rehab that I've been to I have a lot more range and I can go longer before having to have surgery and I would do it again and I appreciate the kindness and the care that I receivedJody CatlinJody Catlin ★★★★★ Alexa Hadinoto, my physical therapist has given me hope for dealing with my osteoarthritis. Her individually styled exercises for me are helping me to improve my strength and flexibility. With Alexa, I feel cared for as a patient and as a person. For sure, five stars for Alexa!Harriet KounavesHarriet Kounaves ★★★★★ Jeremy McDougaldJeremy McDougald ★★★★★ Nick is amazing.. I was struggling with a simple minescus tear, but I finally decided to give Longevity a try.. After a month he worked all my muscles around my knee and I was up and running after 5 sessions.. Nick I'd Awesome and a great guyRobin CharestRobin Charest ★★★★★ Jimmy Vu is great! He has been working with me to strengthen my left hip, to help with a torn labrum, and I can honestly say what a huge help it has been. I definitely notice an improvement and now I have less pain. Thanks Jimmy!David BurkeDavid Burke ★★★★★ Jimmy did a great job bringing me back to “normal”. I herniated 2 discs in my back and was barely able to walk. 5 weeks later I’m back to the gym. Thanks Jimmy!Carlos FrancoCarlos Franco ★★★★★ Nick Van Horn has been amazing !! I went in with vertigo and left completely healed and 10 lbs lighter.! Over a years span Nick created a steady routine of exercises for me, walked me through what I was dealing with, cheered me along through a few setbacks. My experience with longevity has been nothing but wonderful from how easy the location is to how nice the staff are!Virginia WilhelmVirginia Wilhelm ★★★★★ Jimmy Vu has been treating me for the past four months; with excellent results! He is a wonderful physical therapist, who cares about me as a whole! He has set goals for me, and has helped me to become stronger. He is just a stellar human being!Debra KarpDebra Karp ★★★★★ A great place for PT. Casey is awesome and has helped me get back up on the treadmill. The front desk women are super nice.The clinic is spacious and clean. Easy parking also. Ask for Casey, super knowledgeable and has restorative powers.Zoilan BondocZoilan Bondoc ★★★★★ Shoutout to Jimmy Vu, service was excellent and his depth of knowledge exceptional. Immediately brought me relief from the knee issues I’ve been having.Michael FuzieMichael Fuzie ★★★★★ I worked with Jimmy to rehab my right shoulder. He did an amazing job and I was able to get back to full range of motion with no pain in less than two months! He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had a great experience at longevity physical therapy.Neil and Gail WinnerNeil and Gail Winner ★★★★★ I was treated by Alyssa M. at Longevity PT for arthritis pain and limited range of motion in my shoulder. The help, care, and wonderful physical therapy I received from Alyssa made a tremendous improvement in the range of activities I can participate in and in the quality of life I can enjoy. My shoulder's range of movement is much increased and the pain is largely absent. Alyssa's extensive physical therapy knowledge, professionalism, and skill has made all the difference. Her enjoyment of her chosen profession and of helping people comes shining through in all that she does. Alyssa is the the best!!!Neil W.JimmyJimmy ★★★★★ I have been a physical therapy patient at Longevity during re-training for two major knee replacements (left, and right) over the course of a year. Having had very successful surgery by USN Medical Doctor, Commander Barlow, I needed re habilitation. TriCare received my request for Longevity and granted this provider permission to engage me for both re training PTs (August 3022 right knee, March 3023 for left). Even while making steady progress with in office and at gym exercises, after my second surgery I required more visits from TriCare to get me correctly walking and bending. The office visits are frankly painful but I am sticking with the program because my improvement is very apparent and worth the discomfort. ::: I am extremely pleased with Longevity. The physical therapists are obviously very concerned with patient progress and physical improvement. ::: My particular therapist is Dr A. Hadinoto. She has been consistently pushing me to new levels of improvement in my care. I am so thankful for her expertise and dedication to duty. ::: The staff at Longevity are most worthy of your consideration Jimmy Hansen (Talmadge, San Diego)Rod FrankRod Frank ★★★★☆ What can I say? Alexa put a smile on my face. I received excellent physical therapy here. Anyone who is lucky enough to get Alexa will not be disappointed. Why 4 stars and not 5? I found this place to be a lot too pushy about getting reviews. The numerous emails (including one after only my first session) always suggested ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ No place is that perfect and even Alexa couldn’t save my overall experience.S NS N ★★★★★ I will highly recommend Longevity at Mission Gorge; Nick Van Hoorn helped me greatly my with shoulder and knee issues.The whole staff was efficient and well organized.Abdi AdenAbdi Aden ★★★★★ I chose this physical therapy place based off their Google reviews so thought it was only right I leave one myself for anyone who might be seeking the same service.I badly injured my shoulders after a fall several years ago and never completed my initial rounds of PT so the problems crept back and I finally decided to do something about it. The difficult part was settling on a place. Like finding a good barber, it can be a tough process as there are a LOT of shops but it's hard finding the right one because results really matter and are incredibly personal.I ended up going with Longevity after reading a bunch of reviews to get an idea of their approach and how other patients felt about the treatment. Didn't hurt they had a location a ten minute drive from my home.I was paired with Jimmy and after just five sessions I'm already seeing great improvement in strength, range of motion, and a drastic lessening of pain and some arthritis that had built up in one of my shoulders. He converted the initial exam into a full blown session after his regular appointment cancelled and he maximized my gains throughout our treatments as my insurance didn't cover the service and I was paying out of pocket.He didn't just assign me exercises but constantly, and patiently, corrected my form to ensure I was doing them all exactly right to ensure I was gaining the most benefit from our time together. He also knew when to push and when to back off exercises that I wasn't ready for yet which I appreciate because, while I was willing, I could have hurt myself and so It was good to have a pro looking out for me.I'm writing this after our last session in the package I paid for with the plan being to continue the initial exercises on my own until I've reached a level where I can return for increased guidance. I definitely intend to return and would recommend Longevity to anyone in need of physical therapy although I wouldn't wish these types of injuries on anyone.Dave SmartDave Smart ★★★★★ I saw Jimmy after a grade 3 pcl tear and grade 4 cartilage damage. He's provided the best physical therapy I've ever had. He's enjoyable to work with every time I go in. The facility is top notch and the business cares about their patients and employees. Even the front desk is great.Gail SchneiderGail Schneider ★★★★★ My personal experience is one of gratitude. My therapist, Alyssa gave me the finest treatment I could ever have imagined. Her prescription of exercises has resulted in the disappearance of my symptoms. Longevity should be proud that it employs such a fine practitioner as Alyssa. Again I am grateful to Longevity and Alyssa for their care and expertise. Dr. David MatlinTrevor MillerTrevor Miller ★★★★★ I have been going here for a few months now. Been making good progress, but it takes time to heal. Everyone I have interacted with here is very friendly, warm, and caring. I have mainly been working with Casey and he has been doing a great job listening to my symptoms and updating the exercises accordingly. He also explains the reasoning behind each symptom and why/how the exercises will help very well.Max ReshikMax Reshik ★★★★★ I had a great experience working with Jimmy Wu on my jaw surgery recovery process. He did amazing job with my jaw opening and managed to make my opening from 16 mm to 40 mm. He was extremely polite and patient working with me. Highly recommended Jimmy and Longevity Physical Therapy for your post-op recovery.Harish RithishHarish Rithish ★★★★★ Thanks Jimmy for your help! I had come to longevity physical therapy for weakness in my hip muscles. Jimmy was quick in diagnosing my issue and coming up with a strengthening exercise plan to bring me in shape for playing soccer.js_loader

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Coming West on I-8

  • Exit Mission Gorge Road
  • North (right) on Mission Gorge Road
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  • go approx.. ¼ mile and take a right

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  • Exit Fairmont/Mission Gorge Road
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  • go approx.. ¼ mile and take a right
  • 4635 Mission Gorge Place approx. 400 yards past the Toyota Dealership

Entrance and handicapped parking is located on the backside of the building

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