Posture Perfected: Your Guide to Thriving at Your Desk!

If you work at a desk all day, it’s time to learn how to address your posture so that you can thrive at your desk.  In this webinar, Eric Schulte, PT, DPT from Longevity Physical Therapy, discusses Posture Perfected – Your Guide to Thriving at Your Desk!

  • There is No Such Thing as Perfect Posture
  • Addressing Aches & Pains that Nag You at Your Desk
  • Simple Tips on Improving Your Ergonomics
  • How to Safely Work Out Your Knots

Throughout the webinar, Eric reviews ergonomics and demonstrates different techniques in setting up the office environment at a regular or stand up desk.   He also shows easy exercises and stretches you can do daily to help your posture, and what tools he likes best for getting out the hard to reach knots.   As an added benefit, he has provided an awesome QR Code that you can scan on your phone with all of his exercises handy for whenever you need a reminder on how they work.  Get better posture today and watch Eric’s webinar! Do you have a pain that you want to get get checked out from sitting at your desk?  If so, consider coming into any Longevity Physical Therapy clinic in San Diego County  for a complimentary injury screen. Just click on the Appointments tab at the top of this page.

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