Applied Functional Science – What is it?

According to the Gray Institute, Applied Functional Science focuses on how the body actually moves, rather than how professionals think the body should move in theory.

Developed by Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio at the Gray Institute®, it focuses on practical movements that the body makes in real life. Applied Functional Science focuses on the relationship between physical, biological and behavioral sciences.

Many physical therapists may look at and treat just the injured or local part of the body. Let’s use the hip as an example. By using AFS, the therapist also looks at the underlying cause by looking at other body parts that may be playing a role in the pain, ie the knee or the back. By looking at the body as a whole, doctors of physical therapy can address other imbalances or weaknesses that may also be a factor in the dysfunction.

Longevity Physical Therapy believes this is the best treatment philosophy and uses AFS as its benchmark to help get patients back to the activities that they love sooner. In addition to this treatment approach, our patients spend their entire treatment time with a doctor of physical therapy as opposed to using an aide. This leads to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Congratulations to our DPT’s Chad Nakagawa, Eric Schulte and Rachel Oakley for receiving their CAFS (Certified Applied Functional Science) credentials this year.

Ask your Doctor of Physical Therapy about it the next time you come in!


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