Golf: Two Important Body Parts That Can Affect Your Game and Body

We asked our Bressi Ranch PT, Kevin Greer, to share his knowledge on the importance of mobility for golfers and which areas to focus on. Here is what he had to share:

“In my opinion the two most important areas of the body are the thoracic spine and the hips, without mobility through these two areas, players will often compensate through the lumbar spine which can cause excess wear and tear through this region. Poor mobility can lead to alterations in your swing which can decrease your distance and consistency. The key is in finding where you have the most limitations and performing exercises to help improve your mobility and strength. Poor mobility can also lead to your body working against itself to get into certain ranges which can lead to injury. Depending on where you are limited (i.e hips, thoracic spine) you want to perform exercises which are appropriate for your age and fitness level. Seated exercises for thoracic mobility are a good starting point, the main goal is to eventually be performing mobility exercises while in your golf set up, practice how you play! “

Our Bressi Ranch Physical Therapist, Kevin Greer, received his Level 1 TPI certification which allows him to screen for a golfer’s functional limitations and to analyze their golf swing. His TPI has identified common impairments in golfer’s swings and has given him the tools to connect their physical limitations and how this may be altering their golf swing. This helps the player develop a more efficient swing, increase speed, and promote longevity in their time spent playing the game they love. A licensed physical therapist can work with you to assess your body mechanics and mobility before you get back in to playing golf this summer. Schedule a complimentary wellness assessment today at any of our locations.

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