Longevity Hour Group Training
Schedule and Pricing

Longevity Hour at Bressi Ranch
Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9:30am-10:30am at $25 per person per session.
Longevity Hour at  San Marcos   Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  8:30am - 9:30am at $25 per person per session.
Longevity Hour (2 clients minimum, 5 maximum)

Personal Training Pricing

30 Minutes Price
Individual$47/session$180 @ $45/session$336 @ $42/session$480 @ $40/session$592 @ $37/session
Duo (per person)$34/session$128 @ $32/session$240 @ $30/session$336 @ $28/session$312 @ $26/session
Group (per person, min 3/max 8)$17/session
1 Hour Price
Individual$83/session$320 @ $80/session$600 @ $75/session$840 @ $70/session$1,040 @ $65/session
Duo (per person)$58/session$224 @ $56/session$424 @ $53/session$588 @ $49/session$736 @ $46/session
Group (per person, min 3/max 8)$25/session
1 Hour team training Price
10 athletes or less$100/session
20 athletes or less$200/session
More than 20 athletes$300/session
(Max per hour 10, but entire team will count as 1 session)

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