Longevity Physical Therapy is the premier physical therapy clinic in San Diego.

We strive to restore function, enhance mobility, and amplify your performance. Physical therapy isn’t just for recovering athletes; every person of every age can benefit from our services. Our goal is to maximize the youth you have in you today. With two locations throughout San Diego, physical therapy is close by!

Applied Functional Science

At Longevity Physical Therapy we practice Applied Functional Science, wherein we use our training in functional biomechanics to assess and treat what is the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. By using the scientifically-based Principles, Strategies, and Techniques of Applied Functional Science, each client is evaluated and given an evidence-based, individualized physical therapy treatment program based on their specific needs.  All of our physical therapists are trained by the Gray Institute (www.grayinstitute.com), most having achieved the highest level of Applied Functional Science training, Fellow of Applied Functional Science. At Longevity Physical Therapy we want you to rethink what physical therapy is all about.
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    Rethink what your long-term physical therapy goals should be.

    At Longevity Physical Therapy, in addition to treating your symptoms, we assess what the underlying cause of your pain and dysfunction is, and we treat that cause, ensuring that the problem doesn’t return at a later date.  Our long-term goal for our clients is to remove the pain and dysfunction and then teach the client how to continue their program at home.

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    Rethink what your physical therapy program should look like.

    At Longevity Physical Therapy, we believe your physical therapy program should closely resemble what your daily life tasks look like.  Because you don’t live your life on a weight machine, you won’t find any weight machines at Longevity.  Because most people’s pain or dysfunction occurs when they are either sitting or standing, you won’t see many clients doing exercises lying down at Longevity.  We feel it is best if our clients simulate real life as often as possible.

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    Rethink what to expect during your physical therapy experience.

    At Longevity Physical Therapy, we stress customer service and personalized care.  From the moment you call to make your first appointment, to the time your course of physical therapy ends, we want you to feel as though you are part of our family and are treated with the utmost attention, respect, and concern.  At each appointment, you can expect one-on-one attention from your physical therapist throughout your entire appointment.

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    Rethink the importance of soft tissue flexibility and joint mobility.

    At Longevity Physical Therapy, we spend a great deal of time working on a client’s flexibility and mobility.  We believe biomechanically sound movement and function requires adequate soft tissue flexibility and joint mobility.  All of our clients spend a great deal of time on the TrueStretch (www.grayinstitute.com), improving their mobility and flexibility.

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    Rethink what your strength training program should look like.

    At Longevity Physical Therapy, nearly all of our strength training exercises are gravity-based involving multiple joints and are performed in three planes of motion through the full, available range of motion. Mobility and strength are stressed in each exercise.


One of our specialties lies in vestibular rehabilitation, balance training and fall prevention.

We work to retrain your body’s ability to communicate between the muscles and nervous system at a more optimal level, using personalized rehabilitation programs and advanced equipment such as the AlterG Treadmill, Spine Force and True Stretch.