Whitney Wesevich

Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer and physical therapy aide at Longevity Physical Therapy, I am excited by the opportunity to serve our community in both rehabilitation and performance. My goal is to bridge the gap between therapy and training to promote ongoing wellness and “Longevity” well behind discharge from physical therapy.

My passion arises from a desire to help my family and expand their functional abilities. My mom suffers from chronic pain due to a failed recovery after surgery, and I was initially driven by the desire to help her understand how to move more effectively to reduce her discomfort. I grew up making obstacle courses for my dad to keep him active, and I was influenced by his time working in the local hospital where he worked to improve the lives of others.

I grew up in Dallas, doing competitive dance, cheer, and gymnastics, and I moved to San Diego in 2018 to earn my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Pre-PT. I fell in love with the complexities of the human body through courses such as Anatomy, Nutrition, Psychology, Biology, and Kinesiology. In my free time, I love weightlifting and spending time with my husky. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and bring three years of personal training and physical therapy aide experience which have allowed me to continue to improve my skills. I look forward to working with you!

Longevity Staff

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