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Physical Activity & Cardio: Benefits, Differences & Recommendations

Differentiate what classifies movement as physical activity or cardiovascular exercise; Review physical activity guidelines and whether measuring step counts is beneficial;
Discuss the fundamentals of creating a cardiovascular exercise routine; Give practical applications for increasing physical activity and beginning a cardiovascular training program.

Run Your Next Mile – Safely Increasing Your Mileage & Returning to Running

Speakers: Rachel Roesgen, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Erin E. Farelly MD, Orthopedic Surgeon  Saturday, July 16th, 2022 10am - 11am Returning to running & safely increasing your mileage Prevention, warning signs & treatment of stress fractures Incorporating strength training and more! Register Today!

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Medicare Made Easy

Physical Activity & Cardio: Benefits, Differences & Recommendations

Posture Perfected: Your Guide to Thriving at Your Desk!

Winter Sport Webinar

Inner Ear Disorders (Vertigo/Dizziness)

Gaining Power, Speed and Longevity in Your Golf Game!

Longevity Physical Therapy Golf Webinar

Tell Your Story…Changing Lives_ Meet Jodie.

Run Your Mile

Women Are Not Small Men: How and Why Women Should Train Differently Than Men

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